Revelation, 2 December 1841

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A. Revelation Given Dcr. 2d. 1842 1841.
Verily thus saith the Lord unto you my servant Joseph. that in as much as you have called upon me to know my will concerning my handmaid Behold it is my will that she should have a better place prepared for her than that in which she now lives, in order that her life may be spared unto her; Therefore go and say unto my servant . & To my handmaid his , Let them open their doors and take her and her children into their house. and take care of them faithfully and kindly until my Servant returns from his mission or until some other provision can be made for her welfare & safety: Let them do these things and spare not. and I the Lord will bless them & heal them. if they do it not grudgingly saith the Lord God. and she shall be a blessing unto them,— and let my handmaid hearken to the counsel of my servant Joseph in all things whatsoever he shall teach unto her, and it shall be a blessing upon her and upon her children after her. unto her Justification saith the Lord. [6 lines blank] [p. 66]


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    Although Hyde’s name was recorded in her father’s family Bible as “Marinda Nancy Johnson,” her name often appears in contemporary documents as “Nancy Marinda Hyde.” (John Johnson Family Bible; see also, for example, Book of the Law of the Lord, 71.)  

    John Johnson Family Bible. Private possession. A photocopy of the genealogical information found in this Bible is available in John Johnson Family Bible Pages, ca. 1830, CHL.

    The Book of the Law of the Lord, Record Book, 1841–1845. CHL.

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    JS officiated in the marriage of Ebenezer Robinson and Angelina Works in Kirtland, Ohio, on 13 December 1835. (JS, Journal, 13 Dec. 1835.)  

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    In mid-July 1841 Orson Hyde wrote a letter to JS and others in which he entreated his “friends in America” to remember his wife and children since “the distance is so great between him and them, that his arm is not long enough to administer to their wants. . . . Lord, bless my wife and children, and the hand that ministers good to them.” When JS dictated the featured revelation, Hyde was traveling from Alexandria, Egypt, to Trieste, Austrian Empire, after having dedicated the Holy Land in late October 1841 for the return of the Jews. (Letter from Orson Hyde, 17 July 1841; “Letter from Elder O. Hyde,” Times and Seasons, 2 May 1842, 3:776–777; Hyde, Voice from Jerusalem, 28–32.)  

    Hyde, Orson. A Voice from Jerusalem, or a Sketch of the Travels and Ministry of Elder Orson Hyde, Missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, to Germany, Constantinople, and Jerusalem. Liverpool: P. P. Pratt, 1842.

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    In her circa 1880 copy of the revelation, Marinda Hyde originally wrote “their” instead of “her.” The t and i were later deleted, presumably by Hyde. (Marinda Nancy Johnson Hyde, Statement, ca. 1880, CHL.)  

    Hyde, Marinda Nancy Johnson. Statement, [ca. 1880]. CHL. MS 23157.